Clam Cakes     $5.99

1/2 dz deep fried balls of special battered clams

Chowda Fries     $8.99

Crinkle fries with a topping of homemade clam chowda (Friday & Saturday’s only) while supplies last

Fried Dough     $3.75

Your choice:  w/melted butter & spices or w/melted butter and confectionery sugar

Fried Pickles     $6.99

Dill pickles dipped in our special batter deep fried with side of ranch dressing

Fried Colossal Shrimp  $13.99

Special battered fried shrimp

Fried Ravioli     $8.99

Breaded deep fried cheese ravioli

Homemade Bacon Mac & Cheese     $7.99

Bits of bacon | elbow macaroni | with a blend of cheeses

Homemade Fried Bacon Mac & Cheese Bites      $9.99

Deep fried mac & cheese with bits of bacon | elbow macaroni | with a blend of cheeses

Jalapeno Poppers     $7.99

Deep fried jalapeno poppers stuffed with cheddar cheese

Linguica Cakes     $5.99

1/2 dz deep fried balls of special battered linguica

Chicken Tenders      $8.99

Choice of sauce:  BBQ | regular | honey | buffalo | sweet & sour | tangy | teriyaki |wow                                                                                                     

(7) Strips of hand cut fresh chicken breasts dipped in our signature batter and tossed in your choice of sauce

Extra sauce     $0.50

Chicken Wings  Bone – in

10 Pieces $12.99   15 Pieces $18.99    20 Pieces $19.99

Extra sauce     $1.00


Dirty Fries          $8.50

Your choice:  bacon or linguca with melted blend of cheeses

Crinkle French Fries      $4.00

Crinkle fries served with hunts ketchup

Fried Mozzarella Sticks     $9.99

Breaded mozzarella served with marinara sauce

Homemade Italian Meatballs w/ Sauce         $4.99

Fresh ground beef with seasoning

Onion Rings        $4.00

Breaded deep fried onions

Side Salad  (Garden)     $4.99 

Lettuce | tomatoes | cucumbers | peppers | onions

Sweet Potato Fries     $4.25  

Deep fried sweet potato

Waffle Fries     $4.25 

Deep fried crinkle cut corrugated potato


Stuffed Cheesy Bread   $8.99

with melted three blend of cheeses

Garlic Bread    $4.00

Bread topped with garlic butter sauce

Garlic Bread with Cheese     $6.00

Bread topped and garlic butter sauce with melted three cheese pizza blend


Snacks    $1.00 

Your choice:  cheetos | doritos | fritos | potato chips

Pringles   $1.25 

Your choice:  plain | cheddar | sour cream & onion