APPETIZER     $3.99 1/2 dozen

Clam Cakes (special battered)



CALZONE      SM 10″ $12.99

Fish & Chips

Melted butter, fresh haddock, crinkle fries w/melted American Cheese

CHOWDA     Cup $4.99     Quart $15.99

Homemade Clam Chowder with oyster crackers

DINNER     SM 9″   $7.99  LG “12  $8.99

Fresh Fish Haddock Sub served with french fries or onion rings, tartar sauce and a fresh lemon wedge


Fresh Haddock Pizza       SM 9″   $11.99  LG “12  $17.99     DEEP DISH   $18.99

Melted butter, American cheese, fresh haddock

Fish & Chips     $12.99

Fresh haddock & chips with homemade tartar sauce, cole slaw and a fresh lemon wedge 

Combo Special     $14.99

Fish & Chips – fresh haddock & chips with homemade tartar sauce, cole slaw and a fresh lemon wedge with a cup of homemade Clam Chowder and oyster crackers


PIZZA     * When Available, Ask Your Server *

Your Choice:  Alfredo Sauce or Homemade Pizza Sauce

Scallop Bacon Pizza       SM 9″   $13.99  LG “12  $19.99     DEEP DISH   $20.99

Fresh Scallops and Bacon




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